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Paint Correction

From single stage machine polishing to multi-stage buffing and correcting options available. Removes holograms, swirl marks, scuffs, and other minor defects, and give your ride a nice deep shine that lasts.

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Wax & Sealants

Once your car is all cleaned up to perfection the next step is to protect it! We offer a full line of exterior waxing and coating options depending on the needs of your vehicle.

Once your car is all cleaned up to perfection the next step is to protect it! We offer a full line of exterior waxing and coating options depending on the needs of your vehicle.

  • 3 Month Wax
  • 6 Month Wax
  • 12 Month Paint Sealant

A quick spray on wax that keeps your paint safe, shiny, and clean between washes


Our premium carnauba wax. A thick layer of paste wax applied by machine, giving your paint that deep shine that lasts


A step up from traditional waxing. New Silica sealants apply a hard protective layer on your paint. Guaranteed shine, with amazing water-beading technology, your paint will stay safe from the harshest environments for at least 12 months

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Multi-year Ceramic Coatings

While waxes and other liquid sealants are effective in the short-term and keep your car cleaner longer, ceramic coatings wrap your vehicle in a hard protective shell. Considered an additional clear coat with much more rigidity and protective characteristics, this option will keep your vehicle's exterior protected for years to come, and eliminates the need for periodic waxing.

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Headlight Restoration

As your vehicle ages your headlights lose the coating that protects them from the elements including UV rays. This results in a common haziness and yellowing of the lens. Not only does this cause your car to look worse, it also reduces visibility while driving at night, creating a real safety concern. Let us bring them back to life by restoring and resealing them!

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Exterior Trim Renewal

Plastic trim, common on new vehicles, often loses its luster over time due to UV exposure, similar to headlights. Our trim restoration process renews the trim, bringing the existing black dyes back the the surface, and protects the trim to ensure that it is safe from those harmful rays for years to come! Also great for rubber and plastic floor mats!


Engine Bay Detail

A 5-step process designed to safely and effectively clean your engine bay from top to bottom. This process includes the underside of the hood, all engine components, accessories, and plastic/rubber hoses. With a full shampoo, degrease, and focus on the details, your engine bay will look like new when we're done with it!


Now Offering Xpel Paint Protective Film

Now offering XPEL Paint Protective Film Installation! Because of Paint Protection Film's high impact resistance, its application will protect your paint from chips and scratches caused by rocks and road debris. Applying quality PPF is something you can do today in order to help maintain the look and quality of your car's paint for years to come.

With a focus on leading the industry, XPEL products have redefined the way the public thinks about high performance protection & precision film installations. The products we offer are meticulously tested and proven to perform under the harshest conditions around while maintaining the best possible appearance. Trust XPEL to be the only thing between you and the open road.

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