Best and Easiest Way to Remove Pet Hair From Your Car

We love our furry friends, and we know you do too! That is – until it is time to clean the car after a day at the dog park! Then, all bets are off. Dog hair is one of the most stubborn and time-consuming types of debris that can build up in your vehicle. It gets everywhere, in the fibers of the seats, carpets, and mats. It gets deep in the crevices and cracks, in the ac vents and appropriately flies around like a whirlwind in your face as you drive with the windows down. We’ve decided to put together a short guide to help you decide the best way to go about removing all that dog hair!
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Over the past few years we have tested tons of methods, tools, and even chemicals that claim to be the next best thing for dog hair removal. Unfortunately, we have come up short in finding the perfect solution to removing any sort of pet hair quickly and easily. We have however found a few options that work very well and have ranked them in efficiency and ease of use. Following are the best ways to remove dog OR cat hair:
Rather than simply plugging in the vacuum and sucking away hours of your day, first put on a latex or rubber glove. These gloves create static electricity and help agitate hair to come loose from the weave in the fabric. Simply start by running your hand with the glove on across the surface you are working on. Be sure that your palm and fingers are flat on the surface and swipe your hand with the weave of the fabric. Also, be sure to only swipe in one direction, with the idea being that you will easily bunch up a pile of hair that has come loose. If you swipe your hand back and forth you will pull the hair out of the loops in the fabric, then immediately force the hair back into the carpet when you swipe your glove in the opposite direction. Once you have a nice pile of hair built up simply vacuum it up. This method is far from perfect and different types of materials will react differently, but it’s better than nothing!
Dog Hair Removal Rubber Glove
The next step up in efficiency is to purchase a rubber pet hair removal brush. This tool works with the same principals as the rubber gloves and will get similar results. Sometime the brush works better with the rubber bristles getting into tighter crevices. If you don’t have a rubber glove handy, you can pick up one of these brushes at a local pet store, or detailing supply shop.
Pet Hair Removal Brush
The next tool to highlight is a pumice stone. Now, this tool works wonders for many situations but it has its caveats. First, you would place the stone flat on the fabric and gently swipe it in one direction, like the glove or brush, to build up a pile of hair to be easily vacuumed. HOWEVER, these stones are only recommended for use by professional detailers. This is because these stones are extremely rough in texture and will immediately scratch any surfaces it comes in contact with including plastic clips, door jambs, leather sections of seating, etc.
Dog Hair Removal Pumice Stone Tool
These stones also tend to break down over its lifetime, often leaving a sandy substance in the fabric after using, which will require some added vacuuming.
Now for the BEST way to remove pet hair from your car! We recently came across a new tool on the market, called the FUREATER! At first it looked like another gimmick that would provide subpar results, like most advertised tools. But once we got our hands on one and began testing it, it blew our minds! This new tool combines rubber bristles, like the pet hair brush, with a perfectly sized vacuum nozzle for optimal pet hair removal in one step. To use this tool, simply attach it to your vacuum with the provided adapters, and begin vacuuming, swiping the vacuum attachment in one direction, similar to the rest of the tools. You will immediately notice the ease of effort and effectiveness of this amazing tool. You’re welcome. To note, we are in no way associated with the FurEater crew and we are not being compensated to recommend their products. We are simply sharing our experience to save you time and hassle when it comes to getting all the fur baby hair out of your vehicle.
Dog Hair Removal Fureater Vacuum Tool
Lastly, if you’ve read this blog to this extent, and have decided that you simply do not want to go through the effort of figuring out what solution will work best for you, we are here for you! Simply visit our booking page and we’ll send one of our amazing team members to your location anywhere, any time to take care of the details for you, that way you can focus on the fun!
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